Circus pief paf

Family business, founded in 1964

Circus Pief Paf has been in the hands of Gerrit Paf since 1964. He started it with his wife Pief in the east of Europe. Unfortunately Pief passed away a few years ago. Since then it has been his mission, even more than before, to let children experience unforgettable experiences with fun as his main driver.

Our Story

A true family story

When the war in Romania ended Guss looked for a new passion. He served his country and sat down with his wife Pief and they both decided that they want to start bringing fun back in peoples lifes.

After many years of traveling the Circus Pief Paf family grew and grew. The Jolly family was the first to join the circus. 


What Circus Pief Paf has to offer 

Birthday parties

As a birthday boy you really feel very special when playing one of the unforgettable games of Circus Pief Paf.

Kid parties

The games at Circus Pief Paf are made in such a way that they can also be played with several children at the same time and are very suitable for children’s parties.

Unique gifts

The games can be given to other gifts by means of a gift voucher.